Transparent Self Adhesive Hot Melt Tape For Strapping Machine

Transparent Self Adhesive Hot Melt Tape For Strapping Machine

Transparent Self Adhesive Hot Melt Tape For Strapping Machine

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Keo Cao Đông Sa
Keo Cao Đông Sa

Transparent Self Adhesive Hot Melt Tape For Strapping Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin:Dongguan China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Wellmark
Model Number:TA19


Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:240rolls
Packaging Details:carton and pallet
Delivery Time:1-3 day
Payment Terms:T/T
Supply Ability:3000 pcs / Day

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Adhesive Type:Hot MeltColor:Transparent
Dimensions:19/22/29Dimensions(Width)*300meter(Length)Application:For Boxes Corner Pasting
HS Code:3919109900Usages:Stick Cardboards To Boxes
Brand Name:WellmarkPlace Of Origin:Dongguan China (Mainland)
Control The Temperature:Between 180 Centidegree To 195 Centidegree
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kraft paper strapping tape

paper strapping band

paper bundling tape


Transparent Self Adhesive Hot Melt Tape For Strapping Machine
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Product Description

Strapping Tape TS302-20 (OPP/PET Tape) is a kind of hot-viscous hot-melt adhesive tape, which is made of OPP or PET and coated with hot-melt adhesive on one side. It is non-sticky at room temperature and produces good thermal bonding force when heated at high temperature. According to the base material, it can be divided into OPP tape, PET tape. It is suitable for semi-automatic and Automatic strapping Machine,binding machine,packing machine ect to binding the money, gift box, books, Suspender, Data Line and so on.
Our factory is OPP/PET Tape manufacturer specializing in the production of various adhesive tapes (tapes) products, such as PET Tape,white low-temperature kraft paper tape, high-temperature natural-color kraft paper tape, special tape for carton tape, tape for corner punch, kraft tape for binding machine ,and money binding machine ,transparent PET tape, polyester hot-melt tape, tape for tape binding, high-quality. Hot melt tape, hot melt adhesive paper, etc. this tape mainly used for bank fo trapped money.

 Product Features

1. This Strapping Tape TS302-20 (OPP/PET Tape) is Strong Tensile Resistance: High quality bandage, good quality, uniform thickness and width, strong impact ductility, can better ensure the transport safety of your products.
2. Strapping Tape TS302-20 (OPP/PET Tape) Low elongation: The goods are not easily deformed for a long time, and can maintain tension for a long time.
3. Strapping Tape TS302-20 (OPP/PET Tape) Strong temperature resistance: It can be used in any environmental temperature environment and is not easy to deform.
4. Strapping Tape TS302-20 (OPP/PET Tape) Good flexibility: no sharp edge of steel belt, safe operation, neither injuring hands nor damaging the bundled objects.
5. Strapping Tape TS302-20 (OPP/PET Tape) Beauty and non-rusting: No stainless steel belt rusting pollution of the bundled objects, bright color can be distinguished.
6. Strapping Tape TS302-20 (OPP/PET Tape) Good economic benefits: 1 ton of plastic steel belt is equivalent to 6 tons of steel belt, the unit price per meter is lower than steel belt, which can reduce costs for you.

Other Product Recommend

Carton Box Binding Machine / Strapping Machine


Thickness :0.1(mm)Tensile strength :10kg
Internal diameter :40 50 76(mm)OEM :yes
Width:20/30(mm)Brand :302
Materials :OPP/PETLength :100~1000m


Product NameStrapping Tape TS302-20 (OPP/PET Tape) Hot-melt Adhesive Tape for Strapping binding.
Glue TypeHot melt glue
Applicable FieldsPrinting and packaging; Strapping Machines and so on
Equipment suitedVarious stick binding machine, packing binding machine; strapping machine ect..
Based MaterialOPP/PET
Weight13KG per carton
Specifications100um thickness,120 meters length,20mm width, 56rolls per carton.

Usage method

Control the temperature between 100 centidegree to 135 centidegree for Low Temperature Hot-melt Adhesive Tape. Used on automatic/semi Auto money binding machine and so on.
Control the temperature between 160 centidegree to 185 centidegree for High Temperature Hot-melt Adhesive Tape. Used on automatic/semi Auto tape binding machine and so on.

Product Application

This Strapping Tape TS302-20 (OPP/PET Tape) Hot-melt Adhesive Tape is one of PET Tape /OPP Tape and it is working for automatic/semi Auto Strapping binding machine to binding Suspender, Data Line or other products ect..

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